Recent world events have led to increased volatility in global energy markets, resulting in significantly higher fuel prices. In the first part of 2022 alone, per-gallon gas prices have risen more than 35% (from $3.25 in early January to as high as $5.09 per gallon to date). These higher prices substantially increase the costs of both purchasing product from our suppliers (as they have raised their prices) and delivering to our customers. While we have absorbed many of these increases and taken measures to minimize their effects, we have determined it necessary to implement a temporary fuel surcharge to all orders, effective Monday, April 11th. The initial surcharge will be $5 per delivery. Each month, we will evaluate and may adjust this amount based on the average per-gallon price of gas and the temporary increase in prices from our suppliers. As fuel prices rise or fall, so will the surcharge. While we cannot predict how long this surcharge will be necessary, we can say it is meant to be a temporary measure. It is our hope that much of the turbulence of the last two years will be behind us in the near future. In the meantime, we sincerely thank you for your business and continued support as we navigate these challenging times together.