Amy McLaughlin Flowers

Sweet & Savory Snacks


This mixed box of sweet and savory snacks includes:

Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers: Slowly roasted with EVOO and topped with a perfect pinch of sea salt.

Cocoa Shortbread: All natural shortbread made with the finest cocoa, vanilla, and a sprinkle of sugar. 

Beef Summer Sausage: Fully cooked, shelf-stable, and packaged beautifully, this hardwood smoked sausage is perfect for gourmet retailers, gift basket and box designers, and wineries.

Mediterranean Apricots: Jocelyn & co.'s very best seller - these Mediterranean apricots have become a staple on cheeseboards and in gift boxes and baskets.

White Zinfandel & Cheddar Cheese Spread: Made with real white zinfandel wine, our cheddar cheese, and white zinfandel cheese spread is shelf-stable and pair perfectly with all types of crackers, breadsticks, and artisan crisps. 

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