Amy McLaughlin Flowers

Shirley Temple Making Kit


Every little girl's favorite order at the bar! Now she can make her mocktails at home and put in as many cherries as her little heart desires!

Kit includes:

Grenadine Syrup by YES Cocktail Co. - This grenadine cocktail syrup can be used to make the perfect tequila sunrise or shirley temple.  Use as a meat glaze or add a splash to fresh fruit salad.  It’s the charmer you just can’t get enough of.  She’s sweet, she’s tart, and she’s serving up just enough sass to keep you on your toes. Easy to love, hard to forget. Made with fresh central california pomegranates and pure orange blossom water (the proper way), this essential syrup is a must for any classic cocktail.

San Pellegrino flavored seltzer

Cummi Ice Cream Cones by Wes Candy Co.

A jar of real maraschino cherries with stems

A bunch of striped paper "old fashioned" style straws

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