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Birthday Girl Delights

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Birthday Girls will feel so special when receiving this gift:


Pastel Sparkle Rainbow Lollipop by Sweet Caroline Confections

Crystal clear candy with our gorgeous hand-designed pastel rainbow. Each lollipop will be labeled with ingredient & allergen information. Dimensions: 2 1/4" in diameter Flavor: Cotton Candy Size: 1.3oz (36g) Branded Stick: 6" long, 5 /32" thick 

Peony Sparkling Bath Bomb by Dot & Lil

Add cube to bath water and watch it fizz, dispersing a rich moisturizing blend of milk and real flower petals. Each cube is 95 g



Birthday Cake Bites by Wes Candy Co.

Take a bite out of a sweet and buttery vanilla birthday cake! Not only are they delicious, but these make a great birthday gift!


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