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This gift is a true ode to the joys of summer! The cocktail kit includes:

- A large bottle of Barr Hill Vodka: This recipe depends on two simple principles: never heating the honey prior to fermentation and never distilling more than twice. Barr Hills technique preserves the wild yeast and the rich aromatics of nectar - delivering the floral depth of wildflower fields straight into your glass.

- A "Coastal Orchid" 100%  soy candle by : Moss+Brooke

-These 100% soy candles are clean burning with a braided cotton wick and high quality phthalate free fragrance. Inspired by the outdoors and the appreciation of minimalism and meaningful, cozy living, these scents are chosen with simplicity and depth in mind. Deep forests, green gardens, warm hearths and spiced cups of tea come to mind with these inspired fragrances.(Notes of- sea salt, ozone, jasmine, lily of the valley, green leaves, wood, tonka bean)

- 2 oz. all natural  bug spray that contains a broad spectrum of organic essential oils in a higher concentration than most other leading brands. This formula works extremely well with out having an overpowering smell. A broad range of  organic essential oils including rosemary, geranium, cedarwood, peppermint, spearmint, lemongrass and clove are used to create this amazing formula. 

Made by: Nantucket Spider

- Momenti Lemon & Raspberry sparkling water : contains real zesty lemon and succulent raspberry juices (all juices from concentrate) that add a light fruity touch of flavor to fine, carbonated water. Its unique balance of sweet and zesty citrus is the flavor twist that can brighten up any routine break.

35 calories per 11.15fl oz/330mL serving, and no artificial sweeteners, tasty, fruity, lighter moments are yours to enjoy anytime you choose!

By - Sanpellegrino 

Clear plastic cocktail shaker

A recipe card for the "Fun on the Beach" cocktail

This kit is available for shipping Nationwide!

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